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AviaDev Insight Europe

Nov 19, 2020

My guest today is Andreas Slettvoll, CEO & founder at Chooose. Chooose is a Norwegian company that delivers solutions making climate action available for everyone. Recently Wizz Air partnered with Chooose so travellers flying Wizz Air can now offset their carbon footprint using Chooose. Andreas explained carbon offsetting is not the only one solution for climate change – it´s just one of several tools enabling us to act now. There were also two words Andreas deliberately used a lot – “frictionless” and “transparency” as they are crucially important in what Chooose does. Last but not least, Andreas is convinced that shaming is a terrible way for driving change so we definitely shouldn´t be ashamed of flying.

If you want to offset your carbon footprint using individual plan by Chooose, you can do that here.