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AviaDev Insight Europe

Mar 25, 2020

This is our episode 65 and today we´d like to promote our 2nd podcast which is called AviaDev Weekly News. We started with this in November 2019 and each week we invite industry experts to comment on the hot news from the world of aviation from the respective week. Our regular guests include aviation enthusiast working for the airlines, like Mateusz Klimek from Iberia or Antonio Pascale from Easyjet, aviation consultants John Grant, Deirdre Fulton or Hans Joerg Elnaes, aviation journalists Jo Bailey or Chloe Greenbank.

However, somebody was on this podcast already 4 times and that´s Max Oldorf from ch aviation. He´s not always politically correct, but he knows the aviation stuff and he´s also great fun. So today we´re sharing with you most recent episode of aviadev weekly news podcast with Max Oldorf here, at AviaDev Insight Europe podcast as episode 65.

At AviaDev we are very much aware that the situation with Covid19 outbreak is very serious and our thoughts are with all of those who are in the front line of the fight with the virus. However, we always try to be positive and that´s also what we did today with Max Oldorf. He shared with us the first signs of recovery from China and his thoughts on why he thinks that again, aviation industry will come back stronger than ever before.