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AviaDev Insight Europe

Mar 15, 2022

This is probably the most important podcast I've ever done and definitely the most personal one. Even though the topic is not related to aviation directly. 

Following the Russian brutal military invasion to Ukraine, like many people in Europe, I got stuck and paralysed by an intensive mixture of feelings. Anger, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, sadness... All of this was of course multiplied by the fact that I live around 80 km from Slovak-Ukrainian border. Also, it just felt wrong to me to go back to do business as usual. I figured out I need to talk to someone. To someone wiser than me. So I reached out to Claus Raasted, as he’s one of the most inspiring people I know. Claus is a coach at McKinsey, a consultant, an expert on innovation, storytelling, communication and many other things, author of 34 books. As kind as Claus is, he very quickly agreed to have a chat with me and I thought that maybe there are people in the AviaDev community that are going through something similar like I am. So we recorded our chat and this is it.

It definitely helped me to listen to what Claus said about why we need to come back to live our lives both privately and professionally. If we live in the EU or NATO, we are the lucky ones. There are no bombs falling on our heads, we don’t need to run away from our homes. So let’s go on and at the same time, if we can and when we can, let's help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.

If you want to find out more about Claus or reach out to him, this is his website.