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AviaDev Insight Europe

Apr 28, 2021

This is a recording of the fourth episode of SkyHeroes - the aviation talkshow brought to you by AviaDev where 3 of our industry experts share their open opinions on hot aviation topics in a light way, sometimes controversial, sometimes not completely politically correct, sometimes also funny. But if we can still laugh, even in these difficult times, it means we are still alive, right?

This time our experts were John Grant, Hans Jorgen Elnaes and Max Oldorf and the topics we were discussing included:

  1. Norse Atlantic Airways saying “Low-cost long-haul is back!”
  2. Revival of Alitalia.
  3. Looks like Norwegian will make it through this summer. But at what costs?
  4. Will European ULCCs be in a stronger position than anybody else after this summer?